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Post by Tan on Thu Jun 05, 2014 6:34 am

**Our patrol was not without a bit of humor. It was necessary to ford several streams 
along our route through hedgerow country and keeping dry was paramount. In one particular 
area we reached a stream that was just a little too wide and turbulent to jump across even for 
our best athletes and the lieutenant had two men get a nearby tree limb of sufficent girth that 
we could use to walk across the barrier. They returned with the news that there was a limb 
across downstream a short distance away, so off we trudged to that location. The log 
appeared to be about 6" to 8" in diameter which would seem ok to travel across the water. 
No sweat! Our intrepid lieutenant led the crossing with one long step on the log and cleanly, leaping to dry ground beyond showing us how it could be done. I was bringing up the rear 
and watched as each trooper one by one agily cleared the stream. "Duck Soup", I thought as 
my turn came. Someone must have greased the wooden pole, because my first step sent me 
reeling off the log and into the water to my waist. Rifle dirtied, ammo wet, soaked uniform, 
and wounded pride; but the first laugh that we had since early a.m. on June 6, 1944. They all 
helped me out of the water laughing as they hustled me up to the bank.**


Such an insight there to what all went through, how it has been written really sinks in all they had to contend with and at such a young age. But all in unity there they gave their all and more.
It was nice to read, as further up, how they had some fun times too, helping them to keep their spirits up.

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